Ways To Attract More Followers to Your Blog

social-media-church-01The success of a blog is heavily dependent on the number of followers it has. You can spend countless hours researching and crafting the ‘perfect’ posts, but unless people actually read it, your blog will ultimately fail. When people  begin to follow your blog, however, they’ll share it with their friends, like it on Facebook, and create backlinks pointing to it, all of which boosts its authority in the eyes of search engines. So, how can you attract more readers to your blog?

Display a Prominent RSS Feed Button

Notice the orange-colored RSS button on the right-hand side of our blog? You should! Clicking this button will take you to a special XML page in which our most recent posts are revealed along with a short excerpt. But the real benefit of displaying an RSS button on your blog is the ability for readers to follow it. On the XML feed page is an option to follow the blog, which visitors can click to add the feed to their reader.

Engage With Your Blog’s Readers

Another helpful tip that’s sure to attract more followers is to engage with your blog’s readers. When a reader leaves a comment or question on a particular post, take a moment to write a response. It only takes a couple of minutes to say “thanks for the comment,” but doing so goes a long ways in creating a connection with your readers. And when you develop a strong connection with your readers, they’ll feel more inclined to follow your blog.

Comment on Other Blogs

Many bloggers overlook the value in blog commenting. No, I’m not talking about visitors commenting on your blog; I’m talking about commenting on other blogs. You can attract more readers by submitting comments on blogs related to your blog’s niche. Users will notice your blog’s URL, some of whom will visit it to learn more.


Of course, another way to get more followers is to optimize your blog for higher search engine rankings. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that high-ranking blogs receive more traffic than low-ranking blogs. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a combination of on-site elements, such as content creation, interlinking, etc., as well as off-site elements like building backlinks and social media networking.

What’s your preferred method for attracting followers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Ways To Attract More Followers to Your Blog
You've taken the time to create a great blog, but you're still not getting the followers you're hoping for. Read on for some tips.