Standing Out from the Competition

If you have done your research correctly, you have undoubtedly discovered that many other websites cover your topic in an authoritative way. Depending on your niche, competition might be fierce for top-ranking search engine results. Given this competitive environment, you need to be creative in your approach so that you can guarantee the success of your content.

Building content that readers will want to share is one major piece of the puzzle. It doesn’t matter how well your competitor ranks in search engines if you’re getting more visitors each day through social sharing. The links generated by all of that activity will raise your rank naturally.

The other method for outstripping your competition is to present the information in a new way. Use your research to discover what questions are not being answered fully, and strive to provide a more thorough response. Give your content some personality and relate to your readers on an individual basis.

For example, imagine that you’re writing an article about dog training. You’ve used the tools discussed early to identify the niche vocabulary and see what people are searching for. Now, take the very best bits of information that you’ve gathered from other sites in your niche and present it in a more interesting manner. Try to really get inside the mind of the person who will be searching for your content. Instead of writing the article “How to Train Your Dog,” write it from the angle of, “Why Does My Dog Keep Chewing My Sofa?” or “How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking?”

These are exactly the types of personal questions that people are increasingly likely to type into search engines. Using “I” in the headers and titles creates an immediate personal bond with your reader, and infusing the information with personality will help it stand out from the crowd. Every step of the way, keep asking yourself what your reader wants to know and how to best deliver that information.