Saving Time

If reading the above advice makes you nervous, don’t worry. In the beginning, your research and writing will be more time-consuming. However, many of the steps outlined above will become unnecessary as you gain comfort with the material. After all, you won’t need to look up what the important keywords and phrases mean after you’ve done it the first time. From that point on, you can focus the bulk of your research on identifying what your readers are searching for so that you can deliver it to them.

In effect, this new method of SEO is really just a process of becoming an authority. Even if you do not have personal experience in an area, you can speak authoritatively by looking at what others have said.

Of course, it’s easiest to become an authority on a topic that you are already experienced with or at least very interested in. If you have not yet begun building your site, you should give some thought to your topic of choice. Now more than ever, choosing a niche that you are comfortable writing about at great length is a crucial component to success.