How To Monetize a Blog

file5731241837385Blogging requires a great deal of time, energy and work, so why aren’t you getting paid for it? Assuming your blog has a strong following, you can generate some extra cash on the side by utilizing one of the following methods. It probably won’t be enough for you to quit your day job, bit if you continue to build and establish your blog as a leading figure in your niche, it can certainly put some cash in your pocket.


Arguably, one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog is by participating in Google’s ad revenue-sharing program Adsense. This program allows webmasters to display Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) ads in exchange for part of the revenue (e.g. you’ll receive a percentage of the amount paid by the advertiser). Best of all, you’ll get earn money each time someone clicks on the Adsense ad, eliminating the need to pre-sell your visitors. Just pop the Adsense code into your blog and start earning!

Sell a Product

Let me first start off by saying that it doesn’t have to be a physical product. You can monetize your blog by selling premium memberships, ebooks, digital downloads, or other non-tangible products. If the product is marketed well enough, people will buy it. One of the perks of selling a digital product is that you keep 100% of the sales commission, making this an enticing way to monetize a blog.

Amazon and eBay

Both Amazon and eBay have affiliate programs which allow bloggers and advertisers to earn a commission based on any product sold through their affiliate link. Once you are approved as an affiliate, you’ll receive a special link with your unique affiliate ID. Using this link, you can create product listings to display on your blog. And if someone purchases one of these products, you’ll receive a small percentage of the sale as a commission. Earning money through Amazon or eBay is slightly more difficult since you actually have to generate sales (not just clicks), but the earning potential is huge when done correctly.

Direct Ad Sales

Of course, another way to monetize your blog is to sell ad space directly to companies and advertisers. If your blog receives a significant amount of traffic, chances are other companies would pay to advertise on it. In fact, you may even receive proposal emails from business owners inquiring about purchasing ad space.

How do you monetize your blog? Let us know in the comments section below!