How To Interview Someone For Your Blog

interview-861513-mStruggling to come up with new topic ideas for your blog? Regardless of the niche, I think every blogger has found themselves in this scenario at some point. But when you fail to publish new content on a regular basis, both visitors and search engines begin to turn a blind eye to your blog. A simple and effective source of new, original content is interviews. If you’re willing to put forth the effort, you can conduct interviews with people who are relevant to your niche and publish them on your blog.

Identify Relevant People

The first step in conducting an interview is to identify people who are relevant to your blog’s niche and/or the interest of your readers. LinkedIn is a helpful tool for this purpose, as it’s the only true social media network for business professionals. Spending 15-20 minutes browsing through the site should provide you with a list of several potential interview candidates.

Craft a Proposal

The second step is to create a proposal for the interview candidate. You don’t have to spend an hour writing some long essay-style paper, but instead create an email introducing yourself, explaining what your blog is about, and asking the person if they’d like to participate in an interview. Be sure to let them know that you’ll include a backlink to their website on your blog. This little incentive is often enough to entice professionals to answer a few questions. When you are finished with the proposal, email it to your list of candidates, personalizing each one according to the recipient’s name.

You can’t expect every candidate to accept your proposal. But if you send enough proposals, some people will respond and accept the interview.

Create Your Questions

It’s recommended that you go ahead and create your interview questions ahead of time. Some bloggers may attempt to wing it by asking questions on the spot, but this is one instance where it’s better to plan ahead. Think about questions that interest your blog’s readers. Questions should be short, to the point, and relevant to the interviewee.

There are several different ways to conduct an interview for a blog, the easiest of which is through email. Many people assume that interviews are done strictly over the phone, but this isn’t the case. Sending the interviewee a list of questions via email is easier and more convenient, making it a popular choice for bloggers and professionals alike. Once you’ve received the interviewee’s response, you can publish it to your blog.

Have you ever interviewed someone for your blog? Let us know in the comments section below!