How Google Determines Authority: A Look at Niche Vocabulary

When an expert writes an article about a topic he is familiar with, that article will automatically contain certain words. These words are essential to the topic, and they work together as related keywords to convey the meaning of the article to the search engine.

For example, someone writing an article about car insurance would likely use words like “deductible,” “collision,” “coverage,” “claim,” “liability” and “risk.” These words are necessary to explain the topic of car insurance. As such, you can be sure that any high-ranking article about car insurance will include most or all of these words.

Similarly, specific topics within a niche will have their own specialized keywords in addition to the general niche vocabulary. For example, an article about filing an auto insurance claim will include most of the words above, but it would also most likely include terms like, “adjuster,” “inspection,” “at-fault,” “repairs” and “estimate.” Again, this is because those are words that are necessary to discuss the topic at hand.

Every topic will have its own related keyword groups. In a moment, we’ll look at how you can identify the niche vocabulary for a given topic. But for now, the most important thing to remember is that understanding how to use related keywords will lend an air of authority to your site and boost its quality while also improving your page rank.