Getting Paid To Blog: What You Should Know


Not long ago, blogs were used mainly by students and people looking to voice their political opinions. Today, people are getting to paid to blog about virtually any topic under the sun, and the best part is that it can be quite lucrative when done right. If you’re the owner of a high-traffic blog or looking to start one, keep reading to find out how you can turn all of those visitors into cash.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “how much money can I make blogging?” Well, there’s no easy answer to this, as your pay will likely be based on many different factors. One the biggest contributing factors is your previous experience and examples. Do you post frequently on a blog? Do you have an author account at some of the popular article directories? If you’re serious about getting paid to blog, then you need to show examples of your work. No one wants to hire someone they haven’t used before and simply trust they are skilled and get the job done. It’s a business for everyone involved and that means using your best judgment on finding the right blogger.

If you’re the owner a popular blog with an attractive Alexa rating and Page Rank, then companies and individuals will likely offer you a significant amount more over a low-traffic blog. Remember, companies want people (your visitors) to see the post written about them. This visibility and word-of-mouth created by you is essentially what they’re paying for. For this reason, I recommend spending some time and doing both on-site and off-site search engine optimization on your blog. Start by going through and tightening up your META keywords and descriptions. Next, focus on your sites content by editing previous posts and ensuring they all have titles, h1 tags, h2 tags, and are free of grammar mistakes.

After fixing up your blog, go out and promote it. There are thousands of blog directories which allow you to submit your blog with a description and hyperlink. You don’t have to go through and submit to every one, though. Instead, just focus on the high-quality directories with a popular Alexa rating. Another link building technique I recommend is social networking. Create a Facebook, Twitter and Linked In account for your website. Once created, you can either post on the various accounts periodically, or set it up to automatically pull and publish snippets of the latest posts from your blog.

As your blog grows in popularity, you’ll see the price companies are willing to pay you rise as well. Remember, it’s all about visibility when it comes to selling blog posts. Companies want to buy blog posts that people are going to see. If no one comes to your blog, it doesn’t matter how informative or good your post is.

Getting paid to blog isn’t hard, but if you want to earn serious income, you have to put forth the extra effort. You’ll need to spend time practicing writing and researching blog posts, as well building your blog into a high-traffic website that visitors come back to. Stay focused and you’ll eventually see your blog rise in popularity as more companies seek your services.