This page provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the MyBloggerz.com service. If your question is not answered here, please click the ‘Contact Us’ link in the top-right corner to get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to answer any other questions you have.

What are the benefits of consistent blogging?

There are 4 huge benefits of having a blog on your site…

  1. Having an active blog shows Google that your website is active and is constantly being added to and updated. Google doesn’t pay much attention to websites that are stagnant for weeks and months on end. But Google loves and rewards sites that are constantly adding fresh, new content.
  2. Having an active blog with a lot of unique blog pages results in more traffic to your site. Each new blog entry gives Google another page it can index (especially for long-tail keyword phrases searches enter) and send searchers to.
  3. Having an active blog gives you more internal links to your “money pages”. Every new blog post creates a new page on your website with keyword-optimized links to your site’s important pages.
  4. Your on-site blog is the “hub” for building and engaging your social audience. It’s extremely difficult to get people to “follow”, “like” or link to a salesy product page, but it’s super easy to get them to follow, like and even link to an interesting blog!

Read the Benefits page for a more extensive discussion on all the SEO benefits and social marketing benefits of having an on-site blog.

Why would anyone be interesting in reading a blog about my products?

Honestly, they wouldn’t! But that’s why we won’t be posting blog entries that are specifically about your product line. (The ‘Articles’ section of your website is where you’ll post this kind of content.) Your blog needs to be interesting, fun and engaging. It needs to be the kind of stuff that people will “like” and share with their friends.

Instead of posting blog entries about your particular product line, we’ll post about things that your target audience would be interested in. If you sell dog houses, we’ll post interesting pieces that dog-lovers and pet-lovers would be interested in. If you sell table lamps, we’ll post stories and tips that people into home decor would find interesting. If you sell pitching machines, we’ll post stuff that baseball enthusiasts would like. So we focus on your target audience, not on your actual product line. (Of course, the blog posts will still be “related” so your blog reinforces the keyword phrases your store is targeting.)

Is there a long-term contract? Can I cancel at any time?

No, there is not a long-term contract. The service is month to month. You can cancel at any time. If you cancel mid-month, we will finish out the remainder of the month for which you’ve paid.

Can I use this service for any type of website?

Yes, you can use the MyBloggerz.com service for any type of website. We have many clients who use the MyBloggerz.com service for ecommerce sites, service-based companies, B2B companies, affiliate websites, info product websites, and various other types of websites.

Does it matter what blog software I use?

No, it doesn’t matter what blogging software your site uses. We simply need you to provide us with the blog admin URL, username and password. We’ll use that to login to your blog admin panel and post the blog entries. (Also, if you’d prefer to post the blog entries yourself, you can just give us the email address you want our team to send the posts to.)

How many words will each blog post be?

Each blog entry will be in the 500-600 word range. We worry more about the quality of the content than the length of it, but all entries will be at least 500 words long. Many entries will have closer to 600 words.

Is the content unique or is it “spun” from other content on the web?

Our writing team writes all the content themselves with a “pen and paper”, so to speak. We don’t use any kind of software to assist in the writing process. We absolutely do NOT spin content pulled from the web. All content is written from scratch.

Do your writers speak and write English as their first language?

Yes, every member of the MyBloggerz.com writing team is a born-and-raised American living in the USA who speaks and writes English as their first language.

Can I review the blog entries before they are posted?

Yes, if you want to review the blog posts before they are made “live”, you can instruct us to either: a) leave them as ‘Pending’ in the blog system so you can approve them yourself, or b) email you the blog entries so you can post them yourself (in which case we don’t need blog admin login details).

Do you include images with the blog posts?

Yes, each blog post will include at least 1 image pulled from the Internet. We attempt to respect all copyright laws when selecting images, but as the site owner you are responsible for all the content (including images) on your site.

How does the Social Media Add-on work? Do I have to give you access to my social networking accounts (including Facebook, which is tied to my personal Facebook account)?

Both Facebook and Google+ have a feature that allows you to make MyBloggerz.com an administrator for the profile page you want us to post updates on (without giving us access to your main personal page or your account). After you sign up, we’ll provide simple instructions for setting this up. You will NOT need to give us your username or password for Facebook or Google+.

Twitter doesn’t have this feature, so we will need you to provide us with your Twitter username & password. Most site owners have a unique Twitter account for their business/website that is separate from their personal Twitter account (which is what we recommend). Therefore, you won’t be giving us the login information for your personal Twitter account. (We will of course safeguard your username and password and use it only for posting updates about new blog entries we’ve posted.)

Do you “keyword-optimize” the blog posts, and do you embed keyword-targeted hyperlinks within the posts?

Our main focus is to make the blog entries interesting to your target audience. The blog entries will of course be “related” to your product line, but they will not be specifically about the products you sell. We do not try to “stuff” keyword phrases or keyword-targeted links into the blog posts (doing so would be looked on negatively by Google). Instead, we let your site’s internal linking structure pass the blog pages’ authority to the important pages on your site (home page, category pages, brand pages, etc.). If your blog is configured properly, your header, sidebar and/or footer should already contain keyword-optimized links to these pages. Linking to these pages again in the blog content could be viewed by Google as keyword-stuffing and result in an over-optimization penalty.

Will you install, customize and/or configure my blog for me?

For a 1-time fee of only $97, our team will add a blog to your site for you, including installation and basic blog configuration so it’s optimized for SEO and so your readers can make comments and “share” your blog posts. Click here for more details.

I still have a question. How do I get in touch with you?

Just click the ‘Contact Us’ link in the top-right corner of any page. A contact form will appear. Just fill it out, and a member of the MyBloggerz.com team will get back to you within a day or so.