Facebook Wants You to Blog

The world’s largest social media network has revamped its online services to cater towards the ever-growing demographic of bloggers. First spotted by app developer David Winer, Facebook Notes now functions like a typical blogging platform. All posts made on the network’s Notes have a prominent cover image, along with a wider content section, headlines and clean text.

If you want to see the new Facebook Notes in action, check out this page created by John Biesnecker. It’s a relatively short post in which Biesnecker describes his personal thoughts on traveling from Austin to San Fransisco. While I wouldn’t say the post is phenomenal by any means (as a blogger, I’m biased towards my own work), it clearly resembles a typical blog post. There are no distracting ads or navigation links; the title is fixed directly below a relevant image of the Bay Bridge; and the content is written in first-person, which is usually the preferred choice among seasoned bloggers.

Loving the look of this — hoping to get it soon so I can take it for a whirl for blogging stuff directly here,” commented one Facebook user.

“Can’t wait for the new Notes,” another user said.

While the vast majority of reviews and comments regarding the new Notes are positive, not everyone is thrilled with it. Some users have said that Facebook is a social media network and not a blogging platform, and therefore it doesn’t need to introduce a blogging platform.

So, why is Facebook pushing its Notes service as a blogging platform?

Well, the social media network has remained tight-lipped about the revamp, revealing very few details about its motives. In a response to Verge, a spokesperson for Facebook claimed the network was testing an update to make it easier for users to create and read longer stories. The spokesperson goes on to say that the test is only available to a small group of users, at least for the time being. It’s unclear when or even if the new blogging-style Notes will roll out to all Facebook users.

Each time a new post is created in the new blogging-style Notes, they are automatically presented on Facebook’s mobile app, much like Facebook’s Instant Articles. This move signals a growing trend for the social media network to establish itself as a leading source of original content. Granted, most of the content published on Notes isn’t created by Facebook, but rather Facebook users are creating it.

Why is content so important for Facebook? Being the #1 social media network means you have to stay on top of the latest trends, including content creation. Google has said time and time again that publishing high-quality content is the single most important thing a website can do. Without content, there’s really no reason for people to visit a site, including Facebook.

What do you think of Facebook’s new blogging tool? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
Facebook Wants You to Blog
Facebook is unveiling a blogging platform, Facebook Notes, purportedly to allow users to post longer stories. It remains to be seen how it will be used as the company hasn't released many details yet.