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Tips To Speed Up a WordPress Blog

file0001193647297Does your blog suffer from long load times? Forcing visitors to wait just a couple extra seconds may seem harmless enough, but it can have a significant impact on your blog’s functionality. Amazon recently conducted a study in which it found that every 100ms of latency resulted in a 1% decrease of sales. Considering the fact that Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, that translates into millions of dollars.

But you don’t have to be Amazon to feel the effects of long load times. When visitors are forced to wait five, six, seven seconds or longer, many will click the back button in their browser, never to return. No only does this affect your traffic, but it can also affect your blog’s search ranking, as Google will take note of the high bounce rate and other metrics attributed to long load times.

Caching Plugin

One of the easiest ways to speed up a WordPress blog is to download and install a caching plug. As the name suggests, these plugins are designed to enable caching in visitors’ web browsers. So instead of downloading the necessary files each and every time a visitor accesses a page, they will have it stored in their browser. WP Super Cache is an excellent caching plugin to use on WordPress blogs and sites.  It essentially creates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress sites — HTML files that are later cached into visitors’ web browser.

Resize Images Before Uploading

Why should you resize your images before uploading them to your blog? WordPress has a nifty resizing tool, but the problem with this tool is that it forces visitors to load the original image before the newly resized one. So if you resize a massage image to use in a blog post via this tool, visitors must still load the original, massive image first, which of course takes longer and adds latency to your server.

Choose a Reliable Host

This tip is universal and not limited strictly to WordPress. You want to choose a fast and reliable web host to service your website. Granted, you may save a couple bucks by choosing a shared hosting plan from some reseller, but it will end up costing you more in the long run. Stick with a proven and reliable web host that you can trust.

Have any other speed tips that you would like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments section below!