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Make Your Blog ‘Trustworthy’ With These Signals

checkmark1Does your blog properly utilize trust signals? If visitors feel that your blog isn’t trustworthy, they’ll likely exit out and head over to one of your competitors (never a good thing!). In order to keep your blog’s visitors actively engaged, you must show them you are trustworthy and credible. So, how exactly are you supposed to accomplish this?

About Us Page

Every blog should have an ‘About Us’ page set up for visitors to learn more about their operations. Whether your blog is strictly informational, or if it sells a product or service, adding an About Us page instills trust and confidence among your visitors. They’ll be able to visit this page to find out what your blog is about, how you got started, and why you’re the best in the business.

Of course, contact information is another critical trust signal that bloggers shouldn’t overlook. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to add a phone number and physical street address to your blog, but you should add your email address so visitors can contact you. Maintaining a sense of transparency shows visitors that you’re trustworthy and not trying to run a scam.

Here’ s a tip: use an email address that’s attached to your blog’s domain address rather than a free service like Yahoo Mail or GMail. Doing so looks more professional and will have a stronger impact on visitors’ confidence in your blog. Many domain hosting services will provide you with an email address tied to the domain name.

Design / Layout

Your blog’s design and overall layout may also impact visitors’ opinion regarding whether or not your site is trustworthy. Ever find yourself searching for a product online only to stumble across an e-commerce website with a poor, amateurish-looking design? Sure, you have! Chances are you took your business elsewhere rather than rolling the dice on a site with a poor design.

Whether you’re using WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger or any other blogging platform, make sure you take the time to customize your blog’s design appropriately. WordPress allows for interchangeable ‘themes’ to instantly modify your blog’s appearance. If you’re using WordPress, stick with a premium theme to instill greater trust in your visitors rather than one of the hundreds of free themes. Visitors will take notice of your blog’s theme, viewing it with greater authority and trust than before.

Other Trust Factors For Blogs:

  • Website speed
  • Testimonials
  • Function (fix broken links)
  • Seals and logos

What are your thoughts on trust signals? Let us know in the comments section below!