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3 Ways To Uncover News Topics For Your Blog


If there’s one common denominator that all successful blogs have in common, it’s fresh content. Unless you’re publishing new content on a regular basis, there’s simply no incentive for visitors to return. Over time, this can lead to a stagnant blog with few (if any) actual human visitors. Publishing fresh content, however, will keep give readers a reason to return in the future, which subsequently increases your exposure, traffic, and possibly search engine rankings as well.


Alltop (short for all topics) is a powerful tool that can yield hundreds of relevant current event and news topics for your blog. Founded by the creators of Truemors, it’s a aggregator that collects and groups stories from leading news websites and blogs. Alltop displays the five most recent news headlines of each respective topic category, along with the first paragraph of content.

There are literally hundreds of different topic categories available on Alltop, ranging from conspiracy and cosplay to biotechnology and home automation. Of course, you can always use the search box to locate topics relevant to your blog as well.

Google News

If you aren’t using Google News, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to find up-to-the-minute current event topics. Google is constantly scouring the web, locating and curating headlines in its News service. The next time you experience writer’s block and can’t seem to think of a new topics for your blog, head over to Google News and search for a keyword related to your blog’s niche. You can also view the Top Stories on the left-hand side of the page.

In addition to pushing a headline and snippet of each news link, Google also reveals when the original news article was published. This is particularly helpful for bloggers, as it allows your to easily identify recent news sources. It’s not uncommon for Google News to link to publish stories within minutes of them being created, which is pretty impressive.


A third tool for uncovering current events and news topics is Topix. This site differs from other aggregators in the sense that it’s community-driven, meaning users can add, edit and discuss stories published on the site. Topix currently boasts over 360,000 pages of news from over 50,000 different sources, some of which include newspapers, blogs, magazines, TV, and corporate websites. It offers several different top-level categories of news headlines, including All Topix, Top Stories, Forums, US News, Tech, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Offbeat, Politix, Weird News, Videos.