Leading Benefits of MyBloggerz.com

More Content Means Higher Rankings

contentkingIf you want Google and other major search engines to rank your site well, you must consistently add fresh content. This means adding at least two or three new blog posts every week. While this sounds simple, many individuals and businesses don’t have the time to do this on a regular basis. When Google sees that you are adding content consistently, your website is considered active and high quality. Sites that are stagnant, on the other hand, will gradually fall in the rankings. That’s why adding fresh content is your #1 priority for SEO purposes.

Content Generates Traffic

moretrafficContent not only pleases Google -it draws valuable visitors to your blog. Every new blog posts means another page that can be indexed by the search engines. You can often rank well for less competitive or long tail keywords, especially when they are used as post titles. While these type of keywords don’t get huge amounts of traffic, if you rank well for enough of them it adds up. We have had many clients tell us that their organic traffic stats have improved by more than 25% after using our services.

Blog Pages Create Internal Links

internallinksInternal links can be just as important for SEO purposes as external links. Each new blog post is counted as a new page for your website. New pages should have links pointing to your website’s home page, landing page or other important pages that you’d like to rank. Each internal link builds PageRank and authority to these pages you want to rank, which increases their value according to Google. Internal linking also helps to send visitors from one page on your site to another.

Turn Your Blog Into a Social Hub

socialhubWith the rapid growth of social media, it’s now very important to get people to share your content. Yet people won’t hit your “share” buttons on just anything. Few people, for instance, will want to share sales pages. What people will share are interesting, informative posts on trending topics. Publishing such content will motivate your visitors to “follow,” “like” or perhaps link to your posts, which helps you build traffic and backlinks. Let’s look at exactly how this process works.

How to Build Backlinks and a Social Following With Your Blog

1. Have a blog and main website that are connected under the same domain. This is known as an on-site blog, as opposed to blogging on a separate site such as Blogger, Tumblr, etc. Google then sees that your blog is part of a larger site. 2. Always update your social media pages when you post a new blog entry. Our “Social Blast” service does this on your behalf! 3. Your friends and followers on these social media sites will then be notified whenever you post something new on your blog. 4. If the content is interesting and relevant, some followers will share, “like” or retweet your posts. When they do this, all of their followers/friends will see your content. They, in turn, can start following you. This is how you start to build a large social following. 5. Posts that are interesting and on hot topics -the kind of posts we will create for you- will be discussed in various discussion groups and forums. 6. This generates an increasing momentum or social buzz that creates more backlinks to your blog as well as more traffic. This will increase your search engine rankings.

This process is not complicated, so why don’t all bloggers take these steps? To answer this, just consider why you haven’t done it yourself. There are several obstacles that most people face:

I dread the very thought of writing!

It’s a simple fact that the majority of people find writing an unpleasant chore. In particular, people hate the work it takes to write creative and well researched posts -the kind that blogs should have. This is why so many blogs have a few dated entries and are then abandoned for years! If you’re not a creative writer by nature, you’ll find that maintaining a quality on-site blog is a tedious task.

I don’t have time to write!

If you want your on-site blog to help you grow your traffic and rise in the search engine rankings, you must post at least two quality blog entries per week. This takes time than many website owners don’t have, especially when you include the time it takes to research topics. If you’re like most website owners, there are many other things you’d prefer to do.

I can’t think of any good topics to write about!

Another common problem faced by bloggers is coming up with topics that their readers will actually care about. People don’t want to read boring posts or blatant sales copy about how great your site is. They are looking for interesting, trending topics -the kind you see on high traffic authority sites. Coming up with such topics takes time and research.

MyBloggerz.com is Your Blogging Solution!

MyBloggerz.com provides you with an automated solution to the challenges of maintaining a great blog. We let you reap the benefits of a quality on-site blog while saving you from having to do the work yourself. We have a team of expert writers who will research the most popular topics in your niche and create unique blog posts week after week. They will even log into your site and post them on your behalf! If you choose the Social Blast add-on, you’ll have the additional benefit of posting notifications to the three major social media sites every time we post a new blog entry. This will help you build a social following as well as bring your on-site blog more backlinks and traffic.Find Out More

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