How To Attract More Readers To Your Blog


The number of readers a blog has is a direct indication of its success. Blogs with a strong, loyal following will rank higher and generate more sales/leads than blogs with only a trickle of visitors. Search engines like Google and Bing pay close attention to readership, factoring it into their decision on where to rank websites and for which keywords. So, how can you attract more readers to your blog?

Quality Over Quantity…

Far too many bloggers are in the mindset of publishing multiple posts of mediocre quality rather a single high-quality post. But a smarter and more effective approach is to focus on quality over quantity. Instead of publishing half a dozen different blog posts in a week, perhaps you can write a single post. You’ll have less content on your blog, but the content will be higher quality; thus, encouraging more readers along with a higher search engine ranking.

Break Up Your Content

You can attract more readers to your blog by breaking the content up into small, easy-to-digest segments. The human brain is hardwired to read content by scanning it as a whole, not word for word. Simply writing a wall of text will discourage visitors from actually reading your posts, many of whom will prefer to click the back button in their web browser.

So, how can you break up your blog’s content? There are several different ways to accomplish this, including the use of sub-headings, bullet-point lists, bold keywords and phrases, italicize words, include relevant images, embed videos, add tables, etc.

Post ‘Hot’ Topics

Another effective way to attract more readers to your blog is to publish posts on hot topics and current events. If a significant number of people are searching for a particular topic, writing a post on it will naturally draw more attention to your blog. You can find hot topics by scanning Google News, Google Trends, and even social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Post Regularly

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is failing to publish new posts regularly. They may publish a couple posts after setting up their blog, only to neglect it later. Blogs are driven by returning visitors — visitors who are interested in reading new posts from the respective blogger. The bottom line is that you must publish new posts on a regular basis to encourage visitors to return.

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